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Your Mini Guide for Choosing an Integrated Agency Management System

73 percent. That’s how many remote employees most teams are predicted to have by 2028, and we’re guessing it’s likely your agency already provides a remote-working option for some of your team members.

Computer displaying a process

In a post-Covid world, the way we work is changing: we’ve learnt to be more flexible; we’ve learnt that efficient workflows are crucial; we’ve learnt that productivity is paramount and communication is key.

But are the tools you’re using to manage your agency allowing you to be effective in this new reality of work, or are they hindering your output? Is having to navigate between different platforms and systems helping or hurting your bottom line?

We know choosing to migrate to a new management system or platform can seem daunting, especially when you’ve become accustomed to the processes of the ones you’re currently using but relying on multiple tools and apps that aren’t integrated with one another, creates a silo effect of disconnected i

Information and communication, which will inevitably hinder your agency’s growth.

So, we’ve created a helpful guide to make the process of choosing, and then transitioning, to an integrated agency management system – a much simpler one.

In this guide you will learn about:

  • The factors to consider when choosing an effective system.

  • Why people and project management should be aligned.

  • The process of finding the gap between your current and ideal system.

  • The benefits that an integrated workflow will bring to your project process.


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