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Become a Referral Partner and Unlock Discounts

Get rewarded for sharing the magic of Magnetic! Refer new clients to us, and earn discounts on your own subscription.

Creative Person

Join the Magnetic Referral Program

Unlock savings on your Magnetic subscription just by spreading the word! Our referral program rewards you with discounts when you bring new clients our way. Check out the table below to see how much you could save, depending on the size of the business you refer to us.

Magnetic Referral Program Pricing

Welcome a new client on board and enjoy mutual benefits

When you refer someone to us we say thank you by giving you a referral discount on your next invoice.


Boost your subscription savings by simply linking to us! Add our link ( to your company's website footer and snag a 3% discount on your subscription. Just make sure it's visible to visitors. Easy savings, just a click away.

G2 Review

Share your experience with us on G2 and enjoy a 1% discount for each review! Your company can gather up to a 5% total discount — that's one review per person, up to five reviews.


Case Study

For clients above 5 users, help us write a case study and claim a 5% discount. 


What our clients have to say

"Time to Brief is Shortened"

five star review

Over all the time used to brief is shortened considerably. I am able to manage big projects and discuss designs online.

Chevron, Marketing Executive

5001-1000 employees

"I can Focs on the Work That Needs to be Done"

five star review

We have lots of jobs on the go at any time, being able to easily know which ones I need to work on is a real plus. As a user this allows me to focus on the work that needs to be done and easily send completed work back to the account management team. 

Ben, Copy Writer

10,000+ employees

"A game-changer for our company"

five star review

It is very easy as an Operations manager to track the studio status. It is very easy to navigate your way around, it basically defines internal processes and helps the team stay in constant communication.

Theresa, Operations Manager

1-10 Employees

  • How does Magnetic integrate with existing accounting software?
    Integration with your current accounting platforms is seamless. Magnetic is designed to work with leading software like Sage and Xero, ensuring that your data flows smoothly between systems without the need for manual data entry.
  • Can I customise the financial dashboards and reports?
    Absolutely. Magnetic provides customizable dashboards and a powerful report builder tool, allowing you to tailor the insights and metrics to your specific needs. You decide what data matters most and how it's presented.
  • Is Magnetic suitable for businesses of all sizes?
    Magnetic is scalable and versatile, making it an ideal solution for small startups to large enterprises. Its robust features support the complexities of financial management across all business sizes.
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