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Streamline Project Management
In One Place

Simplify your project tracking, scheduling, and financial oversight with intuitive tools designed to streamline your workflows, reduce workload, and enhance the precision of every project phase.

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Manage Projects Seamlessly from Start to Finish

Get a Clear View of All Projects Instantly

Quickly track progress, deadlines, and budgets with a single comprehensive view. Reduce time spent searching for project details, for faster decisions and smoother project flow.

Keep Project Budgets in Check in a Click

Automate the tracking of expenses, billings, and budget forecasts with our advanced financial tools. 

Easily Optimise Time Management and Resources

Utilize advanced scheduling tools that enable you to efficiently assign tasks and manage resources across multiple projects.

Work Smarter, Not Harder With Intuitive Project Management Tools

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Get Projects off The Ground Faster

Begin each project with clarity with advanced briefing features. Leverage customisable templates to provide all team members with the essential information they need from the start, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed.

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Immediate Insights Into Project Profitability

Access real-time insights into crucial financial metrics like average margins, total billing, and cost details. These dashboards offer a clear snapshot of your finances, helping you identify top-performing projects and areas needing cost adjustments, ensuring that your project management efforts also boost profitability.

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Keep Over Servicing in Check 

Understand your projects and client relationships better. Quickly spot areas of overservicing and easily access essential data like average margins and total billings, giving you the clarity to boost profitability and manage costs efficiently

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Streamline Project Scheduling 

Organise tasks and manage resources with precision, with advanced views like, status, Kanban, and Gantt charts to suit the specific demands of each project. With real-time dashboards, you'll have a full overview of your projects' timelines at your fingertips, allowing you to make timely adjustments and keep every project on track.

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Streamline Your Client Approvals and Communication

Speed up your project timelines with an intuitive digital approval system for cost estimates. 

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Start Managing Your Projects Smarter, Not Harder

Start your free trial and transform project management into a smoother, more enjoyable process.


Top brands choose Magnetic for their business management needs.

5 star review

5.0 out of 5

"The Data Analytics is Super Key Information for Us"

Love the fact that we have managed to streamline our agency operations - The data analytics is super key information for us which is so great. Love the dashboards. The support desk is incredible and always so quick to resolve or respond to mails.

Melissa, Resource Manager, 10,000+ employees

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