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Get Comprehensive Insights Into Your Entire Business

Access detailed, cross-departmental reporting that empowers you to make informed, strategic business decisions with confidence.

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Magnetic revenue dashboard
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Magnetic budget spend tooltip
Magnetic sales funnel dashboard


Turn Data into Opportunities

Elevate Project Planning

Use in-depth project analytics and overviews to predict results accurately and manage resources efficiently, keeping projects aligned with goals and budgets.

Prevent Overservicing

Fine-tune project delivery with billing to prevent unnecessary services and protect your revenue margins.

Maximise Revenue Gains

Streamline services and customize solutions to match client demands, reducing expenditures and improving profit margins for a more robust financial outcome.

Magnetic profitability dashboard
Magnetic finance report
Magnetic finance metrics


Get Real-Time Insights on Profit Margins

Access crucial financial metrics effortlessly with dashboards that provide a detailed view of average margins, total billing, and cost breakdowns. With a clear snapshot of your financial landscape empowers you to identify high-performing projects and pinpoint areas that require cost adjustments. 


Monitor and Manage Over Servicing

Deepen your insights into projects and client interactions. Easily identify overservicing and access vital financial data, such as average margins and total billings, to streamline profitability and improve cost efficiency.

Magnetic overservicing dashboard
Magnetic resource scheduling view
Magnetic over servicing breakdown
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Magnetic sales funnel view
Magnetic revenue breakdown graph by month


Understand Business Health

Navigate the financial pulse of your business with user-friendly revenue dashboards. Gain clear insights into your income streams and financial health, equipping you with the knowledge to steer towards more profitable horizons


What Our Clients Have To Say

"Easy to Learn. Easy to Use"

5 star review

Notifications of updates to the job on email. Track conversations on the job. Everything is in one place. Easy to invoice jobs.

Melissa, Brand Manager

1001-5000 employees

"Great Experience"

5 star review

Great experience! Very sleek and easy to use. I've enjoyed Magnetic as it really assists me with my role in project management. It is easy to use and helps keep things organized!

Annika, Digital Manager

201-500 employees

"The Overall Experience Has Been Great"

Magnetic 5 star review

The platform helps us track and monitor jobs far better than we were in the past, and the support team are always there to assist with any issues we have. It is a very easy platform to use, helping our agency keep track of jobs in the system, flag those that are running over budget or hours, and identify bottlenecks or capacity issues with in the various teams.​

Stella, Head of Client Services

11-50 employees


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