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Master Client Relationships and Project Outcomes

Drive success across projects and client interactions with our robust suite of project management and client service tools, designed to deliver superior results and financial precision effortlessly.

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Deliver Projects On Time and In Budget

Improve Project Forecasting

Monitor project progress and address issues before they become problems.with advanced analytics and real-time data visualisation.

Build Stronger Client Relationships

Streamline your communication processes with more consistent and personalised client interactions that boost satisfaction. 

Boost Project Efficiency

Assign the right resources to the right projects, maximizing efficiency without overburdening your team.

Meet Project Deadlines

Keep projects on track and meet every deadline with clear and timely updates and aligning team efforts with precision. 


Better Manage your Pipeline

Magnetic's CRM tools not only store client data but also provide actionable insights and real-time forecasting, enabling you to anticipate client needs, tailor your engagements, and streamline your sales process for better conversion rates and client retention.

Magnetic CRM Dashboard
Magnetic CRM Prospect view
Full Magnetic Overservicing dashboard
Magnetic Overservicing Dashboard


Keep Projects on Budget

Keep your projects on track and under budget. Magnetic’s project management tools allow you to oversee every aspect of your projects from a single platform. Manage deadlines, coordinate team activities, and communicate with stakeholders effectively, ensuring timely delivery and high-quality outputs.


Build More Efficient Teams

Magnetic’s resource management tools empower you to strategically deploy your staff, matching the right people to appropriate projects. This ensures a balanced workload, elevates productivity, and enhances team satisfaction, enabling you to meet client expectations with excellence.

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Magnetic Job Status Lane View
Magnetic task lane view for art director
Magnetic overservicing dashboard


Streamline Billing and Grow Revenue

Simplify the way you manage billable hours and invoicing. Magnetic’s time tracking and billing features ensure that every hour and expense is accounted for, making your billing process as smooth as possible.

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Experience the Power of Magnetic


Top brands choose Magnetic for their business management needs.

5 star review

5.0 out of 5

"A God-send to the Studio"

Super, super happy. No complaints. We are about 3 weeks in and it has been a god-send to the Studio. It's ease of use, and easy navigation to get the what you need from the system.​

Gerald, Operations Manager, 11-50 Employees

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Get Started with Magnetic

Start a 14-day free trial and transform how you manage projects and customers. 

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