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Transform How you Manage Business Resources

Unlock Team Efficiency, Gain Insight, and Take Control with Our Advanced Resource Management System

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Better Manage Your People In One Place

Make Better Resource Decisions

Make smarter, data-driven decisions with comprehensive insights into resource availability and project requirements. Prioritise work based on strategic value and resource capacity and reduce the guesswork in planning and allocation.

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Boost Operational Efficiency

Streamline your workflows and reduce administrative overhead with automated tools and real-time updates. Intuitive dashboards help you quickly make adjustments and better track and manage resources for improved project outcomes.  

Proactively Manage Clients

Stay ahead of client needs and project demands with tools that boost resource visibility. Maintain high levels of service while effectively managing client expectations and project progress.

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Enhance Project Agility

Adjust resources in real-time based on evolving project requirements. This flexibility helps prevent bottlenecks and ensures that every project continues to move forward smoothly, adapting to changes without missing a beat.

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Better Visualise Your Resource Capacity

Instantly understand your team's capacity so you can better manage workloads. At a quick glance, identify your most utilised resources, prevent overload and ensure a balanced distribution of tasks.  Optimize team performance, maintain a healthy work environment, and deliver projects on time, every time

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Magnetic Job Status Lane View


Allocate Resources in Real-Time

Assess and adjust your resource allocation in real-time, prevent scheduling clashes and get a clear view of everyones availability so you can align team efforts and focus on what matters most - getting great results efficiently.

Magnetic job task view for account services department


Visualise Project Progress with Ease

Need a comprehensive view of your project's timeline and milestones? With Magnetic, select from list, Kanban, Gantt, and status views to effortlessly monitor project progress. Now you can manage deadlines more effectively and keep your projects on track, no matter the complexity.

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Optimise Workflows with Advanced Resource Viewing Tools

Tailor your resource management to meet your business objectives with real-time insights. With options like lists, Kanban, Gantt, and status views, you can effortlessly track project progress and handle deadlines, staying informed about where every team member is contributing.

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Stay Informed with Instant Project Updates

Keep your projects on pulse with real-time updates. From who's working on what to catching bottlenecks early, stay ahead of the curve and adjust in real time—keeping your projects smooth and your team in sync.


Integrate With Other Tools You Already Use

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Connect Magnetic to Google Calendar and keep your team's schedules perfectly synchronised. This integration ensures improved coordination across your team, helping you manage time effectively and never miss a deadline

Google Calendar

Integrate with Deltek Concept share to speed up and streamline approval processes in one place.

Deltek Concept Share

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Enhance time tracking technology to intelligently populate timesheets, eliminate guesswork and reduce your teams workload.


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Unlock Your Teams Full Potential with Magnetic

Streamline your resource allocation for smarter, faster results.


Top Brands Choose Magnetic for their Resouricng needs

5 star review

5.0 out of 5

"Magnetic Has allowed Our Studio to Run Autonomously"

Our agency has been very happy with the system. Magnetic made it possible for the team to schedule work, knowing the availability of each resource and track progress, and ensure deadlines were met. The system is easy to use, collaborative and allows management to track each job easily in one place. Profitability reporting is now at our fingertips and we have been able to improve our margins as a result.

Deidre, Studio Manager, 11-50 employees

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