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Streamline Operations With Smart, Real-Time Solutions 

Achieve success in your projects and client interactions using our powerful set of project management and client service tools Our tools are designed to effortlessly deliver exceptional results and financial accuracy.

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Transform your Day-to-Day Operations

Simplify complex operations with automated workflows that ensure precision and timeliness across every business function.

Build a More Scalable and

Agile Business

Access tools that seamlessly scale your operations, adapting to increased workload without sacrificing quality or client satisfaction.

Make Better Financial Decisions

Work alongside your CFO or financial team to track, analyse, and manage your budgets and expenses proactively, ensuring your projects stay profitable and aligned with business goals.


Master Resource and Project Management

Transform your approach to project and resource management with an all-in-one business management platform. Experience seamless tracking, scheduling, and resource allocation, linking your operational efforts to strategic aims for greater productivity and control in every task.

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Magnetic Job Status Lane View Account Services
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Turn Data into Strategic
Business Decisions

Turn a wealth of data into actionable insights with an advanced analytics engine. Keep a close eye on critical performance indicators such as profitability, margins, and revenue forecasts, enabling you to proactively tackle challenges and fine-tune strategies for consistent growth.


Get a Clear View of
Your Operations

Track every aspect of your projects, keep an eye on team performance, and check in on your financial health. With everything visible in one place, you can make smart decisions that enhance efficiency and drive your business success.

Magnetic top utilised resources dashboard
Magnetic resource distribution dashboard
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Magnetic revenue dashboard
Magnetic top billed skills dashboard
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Streamline Billing
and Improve Revenue

Simplify the way you manage billable hours and invoicing. Magnetic’s time tracking and billing features ensure that every hour and expense is accounted for, making your billing process as smooth as possible.

Magnetic revenue by distribution dashboard


Keep Your Finger on the Pulse with Real-Time Insights

Stay ahead with Magnetic's real-time Pipeline Forecasting tool, providing immediate updates on sales progress, resource allocation, and project timelines. This essential feature is tailor-made for operations managers who require constant, up-to-date information to manage dynamic and fast-paced business environments effectively

Magnetic revenue forecast dashboard
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Magnetic sales leadership board dashboard
Magnetic sales funnel dashboard
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Experience the Magnetic Difference

Don't let the complexities of operations hold your business back. Discover how Magnetic's suite of features can streamline your processes, enhance decision-making, and support scalable growth.


Top brands choose Magnetic for their business management needs.

5 star review

5.0 out of 5

"A God-send to the Studio"

Super, super happy. No complaints. We are about 3 weeks in and it has been a god-send to the Studio. It's ease of use, and easy navigation to get the what you need from the system.​

Gerald, Operations Manager, 11-50 Employees

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