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Integrate Your Existing Tech Stack 


The Magnetic API is a cutting-edge, user-friendly system created to provide seamless access to an extensive array of data objects stored within the Magnetic database. Its primary goal is to enable effortless automation, develop personalised software solutions, and support various applications.

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Connect magnetic with the tools you already use

We've made it easy for you to integrate your existing tech stack so you can manage your business in one space, without having to switch between tools.

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Integrate Pastel with Magnetic and sync invoices from Pastel into Magnetic effortlessly.

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Sync your emails into Magnetic and save them against contacts, companies, opportunities and jobs.

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Campaign Monitor


Effortlessly send contact lists from Magnetic to Campaign monitor to receive unsubscribes from outbound emails

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Web Lead Capture


Sync leads seamlessly into Magnetic from a website form.

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If Xero is your go-to accounting software, seamlessly integrate it with Magnetic to keep records tidy and streamline your business accounting. 

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Integrate Sage with magnetic and seamlessly sync your accounting and  invoice management.


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Connect Magnetic to 1000+ other apps with Zaps. Set up in minutes with no coding and automate your day-to-day tasks.

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Google Calendar


Connect Google Calendar with Magnetic and automatically create a task for events in your calendar, automate task completion and time entries. 

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Integrate Time boost with Magnetic and streamline time tracking and timesheet management with ease.

Integrate Magnetic into your existing infrastructure

With its simplicity and versatility, magnetic integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, driving innovation and efficiency within your operations.

  • How does Magnetic integrate with existing accounting software?
    Integration with your current accounting platforms is seamless. Magnetic is designed to work with leading software like Sage and Xero, ensuring that your data flows smoothly between systems without the need for manual data entry.
  • Can I customise the financial dashboards and reports?
    Absolutely. Magnetic provides customizable dashboards and a powerful report builder tool, allowing you to tailor the insights and metrics to your specific needs. You decide what data matters most and how it's presented.
  • Is Magnetic suitable for businesses of all sizes?
    Magnetic is scalable and versatile, making it an ideal solution for small startups to large enterprises. Its robust features support the complexities of financial management across all business sizes.
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