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Integrate With Google Calendar

Google Calendar-2.png

We know you will love this one since so many agencies asked for it! :)


Why have so many agencies asked for this? Many find it is difficult to simultaneously keep track of calendar meetings and your Magnetic tasks, especially when it comes to scheduling and knowing your team's capacity.


Our solution? This integration will automatically create a task for the events in your calendar. Not only that but it will also set the estimated time of the task according to the duration of the meeting. These tasks will then automatically be ticked as complete and time entries added for the duration of the meeting.



To sum it up, Google Calendar integration is great because:


  1. You spend less time filling in your timesheet since time will automatically be tracked once your meeting has passed.

  2. It makes scheduling easier because the Team Capacity and Team Scheduler Views will include your meetings. 

The calender booking will appear in the following places:

  1. Meeting appears on Magnetic’s internal calendar

  2. Meetings appear as tasks in Task List/Scheduler view (remember the filter toggle indicated above)

  3. Meetings appear as tasks with time entries in the Timesheet view

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