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The heat and light of agency operations – The case to reimagine your agency

In the language of physics, the properties of Heat and Light both serve as forms of energy.

If heat is the energy that spontaneously passes between a system and its surroundings and light is the energy that gives visibility, could current ad agency operating systems, often dominated by heat energy, to be ‘transferred’ into an illuminated light energy?

It is arguable that current agency operating systems gravitate mostly to a heat basis as everyday fires creates:

• resource strain

• capacity allocation

• talent burn-out

• cost fights that can easily lead to the agency machine overheating.

It has to be remembered that tasks, workflows and approval processes are ad hoc, involve different stakeholders, and are typically heatwaves that disrupt what would be regarded as predictable processes. Magnetic orchestrates these challenges …and more… by looking at resource and capacity constraints and providing visibility into the operating system to deliver significant & measurable gains inefficiency.

And if clients are increasingly demanding speed, specifics, and ever-improving service and transparency, simply working harder won’t cool the heat. Magnetic shines light on tighter control, eliminates manual methods and cuts analysing time by delivering a timely window into the state of the business. A single pulse point at your fingertips.

Successful operations management should always positively impact your bottom line agency profit. If it doesn’t — something is wrong.

It can be told that systems inclined to shine light on the business, such as Magnetic:

• aid the workflow approach

• increase delivery capacity

• track risk management

Increase margin in an environment of reduced fees, discounting and rising client expectations yet still maintaining quality levels and growing the agency. That’s a lot of light right there, and It appears that the physics of heat and light is equally a case for ad agency operations.

Is it time to illuminate your agency’s path to success?


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