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WorkflowMax Retiring

You might have heard the buzz, and yes, it’s true – Xero will be retiring its cloud project management tool, WorkflowMax on 26 June 2024, beyond which the product will no longer be available. This project management system has enabled agencies and industry players in architecture, consulting and legal practices to drive profit by facilitating job management, time tracking, lead management, job costing and quoting, all while keeping data fully reconciled via its Xero integration. In this article we will discuss what makes Magnetic a great replacement for WorkflowMax.

Why the change and what does it mean for WorkflowMax customers?

In a recent blog posted by Xero’s Chief Customer Officer, Rachael Powell, the company confirms that its decision to take WorkflowMax offline stems from the strategic decision to prioritise its efforts to better meet customer expectations.

“We followed [the acquisition of WorkflowMax] with the launch of Xero Practice Manager (XPM), bringing to fruition the early vision we had for the WorkflowMax product. This resulted in two products – WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager – both of which needed their own investments and focus, but provided us flexibility to develop both products independent of each other.

Fast forward to today, and we have a clear focus on our Xero Practice Manager strategy, however when we look to the future of WorkflowMax, the current product experience needs significant investment to meet the evolving expectations of our customers.”

The announcement gives WorkflowMax customers the opportunity, before the product is retired, to consider an alternative project management tool that would best suit their needs. There’s good news! You can do everything that WorkflowMax lets you do and more with Magnetic — and we’ll help you get set up, including the integration of your data!

Magnetic Dashboards

What makes Magnetic a great WorkflowMax replacement?

Built for professional services organisations across different industries, Magnetic is a complete project management system that helps you boost efficiency in managing tasks, people and project finances so that your time is freed up to focus on business decisions, strategic planning for the future and client engagement. Here are a few of the benefits that you might like most, with project management, resourcing and collaboration, project finances, business intelligence and CRM management modules on your side:

1. Get full insight into project progress and resource capacity

You’ll gain a complete view of projects and costs at a glance via visual dashboards and built-in reports, giving you the insights you need to make decisions and take the necessary actions to protect your bottom line. You’ll also get visibility into your staff’s capacity, enabling you to forecast your team’s capacity well in advance, prevent burnout and cut back on over-servicing clients, and ensure that you’re able to plan ahead and deliver projects on time.

Magnetic Resource Capacity Dashboard

2. Manage and track time efficiently

You’ll be able to focus on more important tasks than having to worry about tedious time tracking. With various ways to enter time in Magnetic, you can easily submit time once you’ve completed a task. Plus, if you happen to forget, you’ll be prompted by a reminder to complete your timesheet.

3. Collaborate easily with team members and clients

Magnetic makes it easy for teams to collaborate on a specific task making sure you all stay connected. You’ll also be able to invite clients to provide feedback on creative assets, bringing them into the loop on your progress and speeding up the review and approval process.

4. Integrate CRM activities and build a healthy pipeline

With this capability, you’ll be able to go beyond managing contacts and will be able to connect pipeline information to estimates, resource capacity and scheduling, allowing you to accurately forecast your revenue stream based on weighted data. This gives you the power to build more accurate estimates and assess whether to bring in more work or not, or when to do so.

Magnetic Agency Over-servicing Dashboard

5. Integrate with Xero and manage your finances and accounting with ease

Since Magnetic is already integrated with Xero, you’ll be able to continue managing your finances seamlessly. You’ll be able to build estimates and budgets and easily create quotes; reconcile your POs and invoices and capture expenses, helping you to control your costs; and automatically invoice your clients, helping you manage cash flow, all while staying informed with real-time visibility into your income and expenditures.


Magnetic is a great replacement for WorkflowMax, offering a comprehensive project management system for professional services organisations. It provides features for efficient task management, resource allocation, financial control, collaboration, and CRM. With visual dashboards, seamless time tracking, easy collaboration, and smooth integration with Xero, Magnetic helps businesses streamline project management and maintain financial control.

Migrating from WorkflowMax to Magnetic is a straightforward process, supported by our experienced specialists. Overall, Magnetic is a robust solution that meets customer expectations and drives success.

Would you like to resell or co-sell Magnetic? We have partnered with companies around the world and are happy to establish partnerships with legacy WorkflowMax partners.


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